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Equipment & Practitioner Info

Do you use an open or closed system?

At Wellville, we use the Aqua-Net EC2000.  It is the only system on the market that is both closed and gravity fed.

Closed systems (BEST) are accompanied by the practitioner for the entire session. The practitioner will offering support and information before, during and after the session. The practitioner utilizes abdominal massage during the outflow portion of each fill cycle to assist with the releasing process which is crucial to a good session, second only to the water that is used. The waste is removed through clear tubing from which it will run into the drainage line. There are no odors to endure and the health risks associated with contamination of the waste are non-existent. The insertion is done by the practitioner ensuring the highest level of safety for the client.

Open systems (less ideal) are typically not accompanied by the practitioner. If you decide to try an open system session, make sure you work with someone who does not leave you alone for any part of the session. With an open system, the client inserts their own speculum by maneuvering themselves onto it to begin the irrigation which may result in damage to the rectum. Unlike in the preferred closed system sessions, where the water is either flowing into OR out of the colon, in an open session, the water is continually flowing in even when you are attempting to push waste out which can be counter-productive to the release of waste. It is also extremely challenging to perform any sort of abdominal massage because the client needs to bear down to push out the waste, thereby flexing the abdominal muscles, making it impossible for the practitioner to massage the abdomen. The open unit does not contain the waste that is flushed from the individual’s colon, it is deposited into an open basin so you are exposed to odor and potential contamination.

Are you licensed or certified?

If they or their website states they are licensed ask them in what state they are licensed in. The state of FL is the ONLY state in the US that licenses colon hydrotherapists.

Most colon hydrotherapists are not licensed but that in no way means they are not educated, experienced and fully qualified to practice. In fact, even licensed therapists, if they have not kept up with continuing education can be less informed than some certified practitioners. Ideally, you want to work with an I-ACT (International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy) certified practitioner who completed the beginner, intermediate and advanced level certifications. I-ACT also requires that their members do a specific amount of continuing education every year in order to keep their membership in good standing.

Do you offer basic and helpful nutritional info to you?

An experienced colon hydrotherapist will be able to lend nutritional support to you. Food is typically the number 1 reason for digestive issues and typically if your diet doesn’t change, neither will your colon or digestive health. Also, ask them what type of nutritional theories they pull from to help clients. They should pull from various nutritional and eating theories as there is not one way of eating that is good for every person.

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