$15 off Couples Massage

Receive $10 off any 75min or $15 off 90min Couples Massage. through May 31. New & Returning clients.

50% off Sauna

50% off Infrared Sauna sessions with the purchase of any 60min or longer massage session.

New Client Offer

New to Wellville? Receive $10 off any 75min massage or $15 off any 90min or 120min massage. Call us at 919-730-4542 or schedule online.

Chair Massage Events

Hire our massage therapists for your next event. We provide chair massage at $65 per hour per therapist. Call us for more info :: 919-730-4542.

“Meet Our Staff” Special Offers!

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All of our practitioners are gifted in Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage, but we all have a love or a path that we feel drawn to in our work. Here’s your opportunity to experience the specialty modalities that each of us offer.

Receive $12 off any and all specialty treatments listed below.

Kim Dupre

Raindrop Technique with 30min Back & Foot Massage (75 min)

Colon Hydrotherapy with Castor Oil Pack

Camille DeSantis

Pre-Natal Massage (75 or 90 min)

Fertility Massage (75 or 90 min)

Massage Instruction for Couples & Parents (3 hours)

Lauren Tysinger

Sound Healing Massage with Tuning Forks (90 min)

Lymphatic Massage (75 or 90 min)

Naomi Fretz

Warm Stone Massage w/ Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage (75 or 90 min)

Lauren Holliday

Warm Stone Massage  w/ Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage (90, 120 or 360 min)

Aubrey Marett

Integrative Foot Reflexology (75 or 90 min)

Claudia Green

Reiki-ssage (90 min)

Katy Knoll

Warm Stone Reiki-ssage (75 or 90 min)


***Valid only for treatments you’ve not received at Wellville.









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