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Abdominal Massage Intensive

Additional Info:

Within Chinese philosophy there is the underlying belief that health can be affected by unresolved emotional trauma. That energy is stored in the digestive system and can disrupt the function of the internal organs. Impaired organ functioning can cause complications further along their respective meridians which can manifest in a variety of seemingly unrelated complaints.

Treatment is based on short diagnostic interview and observation and consists of lower back and abdominal cupping, intensive abdominal massage, and depending on findings, acupuncture.  It is recommended that the patient observes a simple and minimal diet for 1-2 days before the session and a colon hydrotherapy treatment is highly recommended, but not crucial, prior to treatment.  This can help improve elimination; stimulate circulatory and lymphatic systems; correct postural issues involving the pelvis; relieve chronic tension in shoulders, upper back, and neck; facilitate emotional release.

Contraindications:  pregnancy, IUD, pacemaker, current cancer, or skin infections of the abdominal region.