Aromatherapy & Sauna

(1) 60min Massage with Aromatherapy Upgrade & Sauna Session. $89 (reg $117) Through 12/5.

Facial & Massage Combo

(1) Organic Facial & (1) 60 minute Massage. $129 (reg $154) Thru 12/5.

Lift & Tone (formerly Bellanina Facelift Massage)

$20 off Lift & Tone Facelift Massage & Facial. With Christine Link. $69 (reg $89) Thru 11/30.

Brazilian Wax Package

3 Sessions :: $175 (reg $210)

Abdominal Massage Intensive

Additional Info:

Consists of gentle but deep massage techniques used to relieve tension in the abdomen and promote internal organ function. Improves elimination; stimulates circulatory & lymphatic systems; helps correct postural issues involving the pelvis; relieves chronic tension in upper body. Can affect your emotional state.

Treatment includes short diagnostic interview, abdominal release followed by massage or acupuncture session.  $75 (60 min)

Contraindications : pregnancy, IUD, pacemaker, current cancer, or skin infections of the abdominal region.