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Acupuncture and Chinese Bodywork

Additional Info:

Acupuncture is an ancient manual therapy involving the insertion of thin filaments into specific acupuncture points or acupoints.

Health is the balance of the complementary extremes of Yin and Yang in the body which is regulated by the flow of Qi (pronounced “chee”), a vital life force or energy that controls all of the workings of the human mind and body. Qi  flows through the body via channels, or pathways, which are called meridians. Each meridian corresponds to a specific organ, organ system, or a group of organs based on functional relationships. When there is dysfunction or pain in the body, it is a sign that Qi has stopped flowing.

Different organs are associated with different emotions.  As an example, anxiety is usually linked with the digestive organs.  Therefore, theoretically, a patient suffering from anxiety can expect to have problems with their digestion or vice versa, a patient with a history of poor diet or digestive illness may end up developing anxiety.  In an acupuncture session, specific acupoints associated with the affected meridian(s) are selected to help regulate the flow of Qi. By restoring the proper balance of flow within the body, health is restored.

Whether a patient is coming in with a specific complaint or they just enjoy getting occasional treatments to stay in balance, the effect of the acupuncture session can be improved by adding in complimentary modalities such as Tui Na bodywork,  cupping, gua sha, herbal medicine, diet and lifestyle modification, meditation, and exercise, often in the form of QiGong, Tai Chi, or Yoga.

Private Sessions : Initial ($110) Follow-up ($90-$100), Community Clinic ($40-$50)

Chinese Bodywork Modalities

Tui Na

Translated means “push pull”.  This style of Traditional Chinese medical massage incorporates techniques similar to chiropractic, osteopathic, and physical therapies.   This modality is used mostly for medical purposes instead of relaxation and works to correct musculoskeletal conditions as well as internal diseases.  Tui Na utilizes a variety of hand techniques, such as pushing and kneading, rhythmic compression, acupressure, and passive or active stretching in order to relax muscles that are putting unwanted stress on underlying tissues, organs, and bony structures in order to restore correct anatomical relationships. There is less use of oils, although medical analgesic liniments are sometimes implemented.  Tui Na is typically performed with the patient fully or partially clothed. 30 minutes – $39, 60 minutes – $69


A Japanese bodywork modality that involves hand and finger compressions and acupressure along the energetic meridians of the body.  Typically performed on floor cushions or mats with the patient dressed in loose clothing, the Shiatsu therapist employs stretching and compression in the treatment.  Shiatsu is often described as very rhythmic and relaxing.   60 minutes – $69, 75 minutes – $86, 90 minutes – $103, 120 minutes – $138

Add-on Treatments to Shiatsu or Tui Na Sessions

Cupping therapy (Requires recommendation by practitioner )

A process of applying glass or plastic suction cups to move stagnation by loosening tight musculature, softening fascia, and promoting circulation of blood and fluids. By creating a partial vacuum within the cups, skin, layers of connective tissue, and muscle are pulled in, thereby stimulating the blood vessels, softening tissue and the ground substance within the underlying fascia.

Cupping can result in temporary circular marks that resemble bruises in the areas of application.  They typically last a few minutes to a few days or up to a week, depending on how much stagnation there was the the area.  This is a completely normal reaction and should be expected during a treatment. 15 minutes -$25, 30 minutes – $45

Gua sha (Requires recommendation by practitioner)

The scraping of the skin in a unilateral direction with specific tools to produce light “bruising”.  This effect regulates the enzyme heme oxygenase-1 which is highly anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory at a systemic level.  Gua sha causes microtraumas to the fine capillaries in the skin, causing increased blood flow to the problem areas and helps to improve the pliability of the underlying fascia, causing it to soften and release. It improves immunity and produces anti-inflammatory responses which can last for several days.

It is helpful in the treatment of pain and for functional problems with impaired motion, infectious diseases, upper respiratory and digestive ailments, and many acute and chronic disorders involving inflammation.

Although the application doesn’t break the skin, it’s results can be dramatic, looking similar to a scrape or bruise. The area should begin to clear immediately and rarely lasts more than a few days to a week. 15 minutes – $25