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$15 off any 90min or $12 off any 75min massage with therapist, Luis Osorio. See Luis' bio for more info.

July Promo!

(1) 60 minute Swedish Massage & (1) Signature Organic Facial : $125.

Acupuncture & Massage Promo

60 minute Deep Tissue Massage & Acupuncture Mini-Treatment w/ Jason. $99 Through July.

Summer Yoga Classes

Mindful Flow : Thur 530-645pm. Alignment Based : Sunday 11am-1215pm & Monday 545-7pm. Try one of each free!

Alexander Technique

Additional Info:

PRIVATE APPOINTMENTS ARE AVAILABLE WITH SUZANNE. Please call us for more info at 919.730.4542.


Improve Posture & Relieve Pain

Interested in improving your posture, moving with ease, relieving stiffness, pain and tension? Alexander Technique provides the the tools to interact with habitual movement patterns to allow conscious change in the body. Performers, athletes, and individuals of all ages have used this educational method to experience improved balance and body awareness, an increased sense of well-being as well lasting relief from chronic pain. The movements will be simple explorations of everyday tasks: standing, sitting, reaching, so as to develop new ways of thinking about the interaction of body/mind.

Participants will :

  • Recognize patterns of posture and movement, which may be causing excessive tension, aches and pains, restricted movement, stiff joints, etc

  • Learn to apply the Technique’s principles to daily tasks and gain coping skills for stressful work patterns

  • Experience a one-on-one lesson to ensure a true experience of this transformative educational tool

Instructor Suzanne Faulkner has been studying Alexander technique since 1987, and teaching it for over 22 years. She continues her  studies and development of this technique by studying with teacher Ruth Kilroy and the dynamic community of teachers in the Boston area.    Suzanne offers multiple perspectives of movement, culled from her background in dance, dressage, yoga, track & field, gymnastics, and martial arts. Her former career as a special education public school classroom teacher allows her the ability to modified instruction to each individual’s specific needs.