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$15 off any 75 minute or longer single service with Morgan or Cynthia. 1 per client per month. (not valid toward discounted services) Thru 10/31

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New to Wellville? Take $10 off your first visit with us. On any 60min or longer single service. Not valid toward discounted services or wellness packages.

$15 off Body Contouring Treatment

Receive $15 off any single Body Contouring Treatment. Through 11/1.


Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage with Hand & Foot Reflexology Mini-Treatment : $99 (70min) or $125 (85min)

Body Contouring & Laser Lipo

Additional Info:

Laser Lipo:

Red infrared light creates small tears in fat cells so the contents can easily be flushed out of the body


Uses a concentration of vibration and heat to break up and liquify fat cells. The waste is released through the bodies lymphatic system.

RF Therapy:

Radio frequency uses heat to stimulate collagen production. Creates a tighter, firmer and more toned appearance to the skin.

Wood Therapy:

Therapy originating from Colombia uses anatomically designed tools of 100% natural wood. This therapy is best for clients with disproportionate fat deposits and cellulite.


Fat Reduction: Uses a combination of laser, cavitation and RF therapy (60 minutes)

1 Treatment $110

3 Treatments $285 ($95)

6 Treatments $510 ($85)

Cellulite Reduction: Uses a combination of laser, wood therapy, cavitation, and RF therapy (60 minutes)

1 Treatment $ 130

4 Treatments $ 460 ($115)

8 Treatments: 840 ($105)