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Empowerment Coaching

Additional Info:

The gift of LIFE is the GREATEST gift we are given. What are you doing with yours?

EMPOWERMENT COACHING is about creating the LIFE of your dreams.

One you intentionally create and feel outrageously excited about.

Showing up at work and play and life in your fullest expression because you feel grounded, contented and authentic.

Embodying the deep knowingness that you are in charge of your destiny & you are powerful.

We all play many roles in life and we tend to think we can compartmentalize them, so if we are good at one thing, well at least there’s that.

BUT we are a system and we are affected by the whole of who we are.  


I may feel prosperous but if my home is filled with clutter I do not have the optimal amount of space, literally and energetically, where true prosperity & abundance is created.

I may have boundless creativity and an inner badass that would knock anyone’s socks off, but if I can’t bring her out in public because I’m afraid to be seen or I lack the courage to be vulnerable with people, or I don’t feel worthy to take up space, i’m stunting the expression of what could be.

Discover tools that will allow you to raise your vibration, get out of your way so you can be ALL YOU CAN BE!

I will support you in……

creativity & creative expression

entrepreneurship / biz skills



coming into alignment

vibration raising

harnessing the power of your inner selves & internal voices

connecting to intuition & spirit

shadow work / social anxiety / worthiness / shame / overcoming fear

food & cooking

creating beauty for self, home, work environments

living from the heart

present moment practices

wellness & self-care

de-cluttering work and home spaces

If you…….

Are ready to Be Accountable & Know you are the Creator of your Destiny

Are ready to Trust yourself

Are beyond Sick & Tired of feeling Sick & Tired

Believe you are more than your thoughts

Are tired of playing Small

Know you deserve to live the life of your dreams

Know you are here for a divine reason (and it’s not necessarily about the roles you’ve taken on)

Are ready to feel the fear and do it anyway


Then We Should Talk.


Once you get a taste of the WONDER that you are – there’s no going back. 

We’ll decide together where to begin & we’ll follow the yellow brick road and see where it leads.

The world is waiting for you to be your biggest self! 


If you’re ready,

When you’re ready,

I’ll be ready.  


I only work with 3 clients at a time. If one of them should be you, contact me at wellville1111@yahoo.com.

I look forward to hearing from you.  Kim Dupre  :)

Group Coaching Available with a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 8.