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Hemp Extract

Additional Info:

Introducing FOCUS : Organic Hemp Extract

My Story:

I am blown away by this product! I have struggled with digestive issues much of my 55 years of life. In spite  of eating a clean diet, exercising etc, I consistently struggle with feeling well. One day a friend, put a dropper full of FOCUS in my mouth and I happened to have a great night sleep that night.

 Coincidence, I thought. But, I decided to try a bottle anyway.

 Within the month, I noticed my typically small appetite starting evening out and I felt hungrier earlier in the day and was able to eat more within a day.

 Within Month 2, I began noticing that my gut and my intestinal system seemed to be really improving.

 Now, I’m in my 5th month of taking FOCUS and not only am I feeling digestively better, the anxiety that I carried daily with me about food & not feeling well is no longer a part of my reality. I have been able to eat a wider variety of foods with no issue at all and my digestive and intestinal system is functioning better than it ever has.

 And ALL I did and do differently is take FOCUS daily.

FOCUS is not an appetite stimulant, nor is it a digestive supplement. What it does is bring your body into homeostasis by turning the Endocannabinoid System ON and for me that meant better digestion.

 And it will do the same balancing act for whatever you struggle with.

 What a joy!

 Kim Dupre

You can purchase FOCUS at Wellville ($108)


Create wealth and success with Prime My Body & FOCUS Hemp Extract

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For my health breakthrough story : Prime My Body & FOCUS Hemp Extract 

What exactly is FOCUS?

It’s a Hemp Extract that’s packed full of phytocannabinoids, which feed the Endocannabinoid System (ECS).

Most people do not know about this system because it is a fairly recent medical discovery, but it is proving to be the most important medical discovery of all time.

This ECS is the master control system and is responsible for homeostasis, which simply means the body being in balance. When our ECS is not functioning it impacts all other systems in our body. The ECS regulates almost every aspect of our well-being.

 What makes FOCUS Hemp Extract stand out from other brands?

 While there are many Hemp Extracts out there, make no mistake that not all are created equal. Prime My Body has absolutely the best Hemp Extract available.

How is FOCUS different from CBD Oil?

  • Our plants are grown organically in the USA, which is important because hemp can remove toxins from the soil. If you are not eating a clean hemp product, you are eating toxins.

  • This is NOT a CBD Oil – This IS a Hemp Extract. The human body is mostly made of water. When we combine oil & water we know what happens. FOCUS is not oil-based and has a much higher efficacy than CBD Oil.

  • FOCUS is the FIRST hemp extract in the world to combine CBD with the highest levels of CBG and phytocannabinoids.

  • Sonicated Nano Technology = fast absorption rates. You are NOT what you eat, you ARE what you absorb.

  • THC free, Ethanol free, Non GMO, and Broad Spectrum (CBD, CBG and 7 Turpenes)