July Promotion

Refresh & Restore Express - 30min Massage & 30 min Sauna :: $59! Valid through July 31st.

$15 off – New Staff

$15 off a 90, 120 or 180min massage with Katy, Jess or Castle. Up to 3 massages, one with each therapist.Through July 31st.

New Client Offer

New to Wellville? Enjoy a 60min Deep Tissue Massage with Infrared Sauna Session - $79. with 75min DT - $94, with 90min DT - $109.

Chair Massage Events

Hire our massage therapists for your next event. We provide chair massage at $65 per hour per therapist. Call us for more info :: 919-730-4542.

Therapeutic Hot Tub

Additional Info:

Wellville’s therapeutic hot tub is available for couples massages or for individuals to rent by the half-hour or hour. It is located out of doors and is situated in a cozy corner of the back porch. We use a combination of Zodiac’s Nature2 Mineral Sanitizer as well as a combination of sodium bromide and a non-chlorine shock treatment whose mixture creates active bromine and allows for chlorine free sanitizing.

$35 per 20 minutes w/ massage, $49 per 30 minutes without massage.

Hot Tub Policies

  1. Bathrobes & Towels will be provided.
  2. Rinse your swim suit in warm water prior to your arrival to help us avoid a build-up of detergents in the water.
  3. Avoid using any topical on your skin. Long hair should be tied up. This helps us to avoid build up in the water.
  4. Water will be provided for your hydration while in the tub. Alcohol is not allowed for consumption in the tub or on the premises.
  5. Please get into the tub from a seated position. There is a handicap bar available if you need assistance getting in and out of the tub.
  6. If you feel light headed, sit out of the tub, drink water and use cold compresses that are provided.
  7. The temperature of the tub is set between 103 and 104 degrees. We allow for 20 minute sessions prior to couples massage.
  8. Relax and Enjoy!