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Mindfulness Based Womens Group

Additional Info:

This popular series is mindfulness based and reflects on and works with each of the 7 chakras, one per week, to help gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and those around us, dropping into what is real and what is not.

Week 1: Practicing Present Moment Possibility
Week 2 : Chakra 1 ~ Caring for the Self
Week 3 : Chakra 2~ Enjoying ebb & flow in relationship
Week 4 : Chakra 3 ~Tending the fire of passion & staying present in the body.
Week 5 : Chakra4 ~ Knowing love
Week 6 : Chakra 5 – Speaking truth of what has ben silenced
Week 7 : Chakra 6 ~ Holding clear vision and insight
Week 8 : Chakra 7 ~ Celebrating Liberation

A wonderful gift to give yourself in the season of holiday and bustle. A weekly time for reflection and stillness. Come in comfortable clothes, bring your journal and/or favorites art supplies and an open heart.

Typically, this group is run as a closed group, but we know that committing to 8 weeks (especially this time of year can be daunting) so for this term only we will hold this as an open group. Feel free to drop in any week(s) you choose.

8 Weeks – $199, Drop-in Rate – $25. 

Group meets from October 19 – December 7th, does not meet on November 23rd.