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$15 off any 90min massage with Christina Kurpiel or Kim Williams. Thru 10/21.

Facial & Massage Combo

$25 off ONE Organic Facial & ONE 60 minute Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage. Thru 10/21.

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60 minute Deep Tissue Massage & Acupuncture Mini-Treatment with Jason Cox. $89 Thru 10/21.

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$10 off $50 or more of waxing services with Christine Link. Thru 10/21

Organic Skin Care & Waxing

Additional Info:

All Facials include neck & shoulder massage.

Full-body waxing menu below. Mini-treatment menu below.

If you need assistance choosing the facial that is appropriate for you, our esthetician will be happy to help you select the one that is best suited to your skin type.

ilike Organic Skin Care believes everything you need to care for your skin can be found in nature. That’s why they’ve created a complete line of skin care products made from handpicked herbs, fruits and vegetables organically grown in Hungary. Naturally nourishing, their formulas contain high levels of active ingredients to treat specific skin types and skin conditions.

1. Signature Organic Facial
Our esthetician will examine your skin and use a unique combination of products to address your skincare needs. This facial includes a double cleansing, toning, skin analysis, exfoliation, extractions (if needed), mask and moisturizer. Perfect for routine maintenance or first time facial clients. (60 minutes) $69

2. Rosehip Sensitive Skin Facial
This is a gentle facial for sensitive skin types. Using products containing Rose help to soothe sensitive and/or inflamed skin. This is perfect for those with rosacea, sensitive skin or even teenagers. (60 Minutes) $69

3. Grape Stem Cell Anti-Aging Facial
This highly effective facial helps turn back the hands of time using the power of Grape Stem cells. This is a treatment is infused with antioxidants at every step to help dramatically reduce the depth of wrinkles or even slow their development. This facial is perfect for clients who are wanting to combat wrinkles, loss of elasticity and collagen. (60 minutes) $69

4. Skin Brightening Facial
This facial uses the power of organic Lactic Acid peel to begin the brightening process, it is very effective yet still great for sensitive skin. The highlight of this facial is a cucumber and parsley treatment which targets hyper-pigmentation in the skin and drives oxygen deep into the skin, helping create healthy cell turnover. This is perfect for those dealing with acne scarring, (no active acne), sunspots and/or age spots. (75 minutes) $89

doTERRA Facials – Our doTERRA line of facials utilize doTERRA essential oils. doTERRA oils are 100% pure plant-based, food-grade essential oils. Most doTERRA oils can be ingested and all can be diffused and used topically.

1. Doterra Essential Facial
Using the DoTerra Essential collection, this facial infuses your skin with essential oils that are beneficial to the production of new healthy cells by feeding and nourishing the skin. The Reveal System (C) uses orange and lime essential oils as well as pumpkin enzymes to help polish away dead surface skin while peptides assist in the production of collagen. This is a fantastic facial for any skin type. (60 minutes) $69

2. Doterra Immortelle Facial
Immortelle’s blend of powerful essential oils incudes Frankincense, Hawaiian Sandalwood, Lavender, Myrrh, Helichrysum, and Rose. Experience the age-defying effects of Verage Immortelle Hydrating Serum. This powerful formula promotes optimal lipid balance for smoother, more youthful looking skin. The lipid complex used in Immortelle Hydrating Serum goes above and beyond a typical moisturizing serum by using lipids similar to those found in skin when at its peak of optimum health and youth. (60 minutes) $79  *Add on an eye treatment to target fine lines – $10

3. Doterra HD Clear Acne Facial
doTERRA’s HD Clear line products work synergistically, with each other, building on the next to thoroughly cleanse and purify the skin, and deliver balanced hydration. Made with pure plant extracts, the ingredients in HD Clear are gentle and calming to the skin, but powerfully effective. Perfect for a teenager with acne or adults that experience periodic breakouts.  (60 minutes) $69 For red inflamed breakouts add on a cold stone face massage to help the healing process deepen – $10

The Bellanina Facelift Massage

has a primary focus on the 30 minute facial massage sequence. It’s designed to brighten the appearance of the skin, tonify the musculature of the face and reduce puffiness.  (70 minutes) $89


  • A 30 minute aromatherapy facial massage sequence designed to tone, smooth and lift the skin. The massage relaxes the musculature of face and increases lymphatic flow which decreases puffiness and overall inflammation

  • Swedish massage to arms, legs, neck and scalp

  • Facial cleansing and moisturizing using Bellanina signature products & the application of warm towels to help soften the skin and clear cellular debris

  • Honeylift Masque application brings blood to the surface of the skin and increases skin tone and brightness

Waxing (All Genders)

Eyebrow $15
Lip $12
Chin $ 12
Cheeks $12
Full Face $45
Under-arm $15
Back or Chest – $50
Half Leg – $35
Full Leg – $55
Bikini – $35
Extended Bikini $40
Brazilian $70


Eye Treatment – A light exfoliation to gently remove cell buildup and a nourishing mask using bioflavionoids to boost collagen regeneration and diminish fine lines. $10

Cold Stone Facial Massage – $10
Hand / Foot Massage – $15
Scalp Massage – $15
Full-Body Dry Brushing -$15
Abdominal Castor Oil Pack – $20
Ionic Detoxification Foot Bath – $35