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Chinese Medical Massage

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Lymphatic Massage

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Japanese Acupressure (formerly Shiatsu)

Additional Info:

Involves hand and finger compressions and acupressure along the energetic meridians of the body. This modality employs stretches and compressions coordinated with the patient’s breathing and is very rhythmic and relaxing.

A typical session involves a short diagnostic examination with postural analysis, range of motion, and abdominal palpation, followed by bodywork based on the diagnostic findings.  Following the bodywork, aftercare instructions such as dietary modification, herbal suggestions, qi gong instruction, as well as stretching and strengthening techniques will continue the process until the next session.

This modality is perfect for stress relief, internal disharmonies and can is considered a “needless” acupuncture treatment.

Typically performed without oils or lotions on floor cushions or mats with the patient dressed in loose clothing,