$10 off Lymphatic Massage with Katy

Lymphatic Massage is a wonderful way to nourish your Immune System. Receive $10 off a 60 minute or longer session. Through 8/1

$19 Infrared Sauna Session

$19 Infrared Sauna Session with the purchase of any massage, 30 minutes or longer. Through 8/1

Aromatherapy Massage

Add Aromatherapy to your massage for $5 with purchase of any 30 minute or longer massage. Through 8/1

$10 off Colon Hydrotherapy Package

Receive an extra $10 off our already discounted Colon Hydrotherapy Wellness Package. Through 8/1

Solo Sauna Detox Treatment

Additional Info:

The Solo Sauna Detox Treatment is a private Infrared Sauna Treatment using our Sunlighten Solo Infrared Sauna.           60 minutes – $95

Each session begins with a 10 minute dry brushing followed by 40 minutes in the Solo Sauna. During the session you will provided with lemon water to stay hydrated as your body begins to deeply sweat and detox. After the session, cool cloths and a fresh, cold, rosemary and lemon water solution will be provided which will help to remove any toxins that remain on on the surface of your skin and will close the pores of the skin.

 Far Infrared sauna repairs, removes and replenishes.

•                Detox  (Penetrates 2 inches below the surface)

•                Passive Cardiovascular Conditioning

•                Burns Calories (Weight Loss)

•                Relieves Pain (anti-inflammatory treatment)

•                Removes lactic acid build-up from strenuous activity/exercise (important for athletes or those with fibromyalgia)

•                Relaxation/De-stress (increases flow of endorphins)

•                Increases lymph flow (raises immune system)

•                Eliminates Free Radicals

•                Heals cuts, bruises and scars

•                Increased Blood Circulation

•                Kills bacteria and fungi

•                Boost to Immune System

•                Arthritis and Fibromyalgia patients can request a medical prescription to cover treatments.

•                Approved by the Cancer Society, Heart Association and Autism Association.