$15 off Couples Massage

Receive $10 off any 75min or $15 off 90min Couples Massage. through May 31. New & Returning clients.

50% off Sauna

50% off Infrared Sauna sessions with the purchase of any 60min or longer massage session.

New Client Offer

New to Wellville? Receive $10 off any 75min massage or $15 off any 90min or 120min massage. Call us at 919-730-4542 or schedule online.

Chair Massage Events

Hire our massage therapists for your next event. We provide chair massage at $65 per hour per therapist. Call us for more info :: 919-730-4542.

Steam Therapy

Additional Info:

Steam bathing is highly cleansing and detoxifying and is recognized as an effective treatment for a wide variety of conditions including mild depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, nicotine & substance addiction, hypertension, chronic pain and respiratory conditions.

Can be used as an adjunct to any massage. The steam dome is lowered onto the massage table with the head and neck uncovered. During the session, cool cloths are applied to the chest and forehead to maintain balance and prevent overheating.

$35 per 20 minutes.