New Practitioner Promo

Enjoy $10 off any 90 minute or longer massage with Mary Cates. Through Jan 31.

Wednesday Eve Community Classes

Begins February 21st with Preventive Energy Medicine: Simple Shamanic Practices for Staying Healthy and at Peace with Mara Bishop, Shamanic Practitioner.

Detox & Massage Promo

40 min Sauna Session + 20 min Migun Infrared Massage + Ionic Foot Bath. $74. (reg $102). Feels so good!

Womens Wisdom Circle

Start the New Year with intention. Begins Thursday January 4th and runs for 12 weeks, Noon-130pm. Limited to 12 beautiful souls.

Womens Wisdom Circle

Additional Info:

” Slowly, we proceeded into understanding by finding nourishment and strength awaiting and divinely created. We made some tea. We found some quiet and rested. We wrapped a warm blanket of trust around our presence together. Together, we created warm and quiet places — ‘home’ – out of necessity and innate grace.”

The Womens Wisdom Circle explores :

  • Breathing techniques  to create space and neurological balance in the body, mind and heart .

  • Movement attunement  to support ease and release from blocked energy and strain.

  • Meditation to focus the mind into present moment awareness (from the lineage of master teacher Thich Nhat Hahn).

  • Sound Healing as nourishment for receptivity of innate knowing for remembering  thriving and ease.

  • Yoga Nidra to calibrate negative thoughts, words and strain into positive light.

  • Creative expression to process transformative experiences.

Monthly Themes

January : longevity life style practices (11, 25)

February : actively changing negative to positive (1, 8, 15, 22)

​March : living in the light of love for all beings (1, 8, 15, 22)

Cost : Drop-In Session : $35, 4 sessions : $125, 10 sessions : $295

Thursdays : Noon – 130pm

**One drop-in session is allowed per person in the month of January only. From there, a month-long commitment is required. We recommend that you attend all 3 months in order to gain the most benefit.