February Promo

Facial / Massage Package - $15 off any 60 minute or longer massage & 1 facial treatment. Your favorite gal will love it! Thru 2/28

Wednesday Eve Community Classes

Feb 21 : Simple Shamanic Practices for Staying Healthy & at Peace. Mar 14th : Sound Healing Concert. 6-730pm. $15-$25.

Detox Promo

40 min Sauna Session + 20 min Migun Infrared Massage + Ionic Foot Bath. $74. (reg $102). Feels so good!

FREE Yoga week of Feb 25th.

3 new teachers, 4 new classes! New Student Promo : 3 classes for $36. Choose from Alignment Based, Slow Flow and Yin.

Yoga Classes

Additional Info:

FREE CLASSES : Week of February 25th.

Class Descriptions

*Hatha Yoga, Alignment Based

This class is appropriate for all levels. While standing poses are taught as the foundation, students will learn a wide variety of poses. Students will learn how to adapt the poses to their body’s capabilities with the use of props.  Working through the instrument of the body, students learn to observe and integrate the body, breath and mind, for meditation in action. Classes are sequenced to allow the student to develop strength, flexibility, stamina, balance, concentration, and body alignment.  (Instructor : Laura Tymas)

Sunday, 11:00am-12:15pm, Monday, 5:45-7:00pm  (Class begins Sunday, 2/25 & Monday, 2/26)

*Yin Yoga

A calming and passive class, Yin Yoga moves us through long supported seated and supine poses. Each pose is typically held for 3 to 5 minutes with props underneath you in order to access the deepest layers of fascia. If you work at a desk, spend long hours in the car, or don’t stretch on a regular basis, this is the class for you. In stretching the connective tissue layer of the muscles, your flexibility will increase and you’ll feel freer in your body. (Instructor – Catherine Howard)

Sunday, 430pm – 545pm  (Class begins Sunday, 2/25)

*Beginner / Intermediate Slow Flow

This class will provide a thoughtful asana (postures) sequence with special attention on the link between breath and movement, the art of transitioning from one movement to the next, and mindful alignment within each posture. While slower-moving, this class is not necessarily easy. Holding postures builds muscular strength, and transitioning mindfully builds focus and awareness while attention to alignment keeps our practice safe. When we take time, our nervous systems relax, our minds slow down, our muscles become supple, our breath deepens – our inner chemistry shifts towards a biological balance, which one experiences as peace, tranquility, relaxation, and emerging bliss. (Instructor – Castle Frame)

Thursday, 1145am-115pm  (Class begins Thursday, 3/1)



$18 per class, $48 for 3 class pass, $98 for 7 class pass.

First-Time Student Promo : 3 classes for $30