Skin Care & Massage Package

Enjoy $25 off any of our 4 Signature Facials when paired with any 60min massage. Through December 31.

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We've moved to our new location at 3401 University Drive in Academy Court. See you there!

Yoga & Acupuncture Promo

Community Acupuncture : 3 sessions for $97. Yoga Classes : 3 for $30. Through Dec 31. One of each per person.

Infrared Sauna Promo

10 sessions : $129. Perfect for cold weather season! Detox, Anti-Aging, Relief from Pain, Improves Sleep.

MindBody Centering Yoga

Additional Info:

Yoga Promo – any 3 classes for $30. Through 2017.

MBCY is a cutting-edge technique that awakens the innate intelligence of the mind/body/heart into their full, unified potential. It is a sophisticated confluence of Master teachings from the arts and sciences of hatha/raja yoga, the grace of classical dance, psychology as the study of consciousness and the Mind, Alexander Technique as attunement, experiential anatomy,  psycho-somatic neurology, energy medicine and sutra study for the modern world. MBCY is an empowering practice that has supported thousands of people from all walks of life to enhance their capacity for compassion and to fulfill a unique life purpose. We recommend a program of at least 2 mindbody centering yoga classes per week in order to benefit from sustainable physical and mental changes.

All MBCY classes and groups begin the week of October 17, 2017 and run for the semester until December 20, 2017.  Classes ad groups will not be offered the week of Thanksgiving, 11/21-25, 2017. 

Class Rates 

$18 for single class, $80 for a 5 class pass ($16 each).

Class Descriptions

Yin / Restorative Yoga :: Tuesday 6-715pm

MBCY Yin Yoga supports balance for a busy life, melting tension and stress in the body and mind. Our MBC Yin Yoga allows everyone to relax into the fluid nature of connective tissue and the organs, releasing blocked energy that can cause fatigue, frustration and extreme mental states like anxiety and agitation. Yoga therapist nina be offers personal guidance into specific mindful modulations of poses to address each student’s unique situation. Staying in poses for 3-5 minutes, space is created for mental and physical awareness of innate capacity for healing and rejuvenation. This open level class is a beneficial experience for everyone.

Mindful, Deep Stretch Yoga :: Thursday, 12-1:15pm

This mid-day class is designed to interrupt the cycle of stress that can exhaust and strain the body and mind.  The immediate benefits of orienting into a calm and supportive state allows tension to be released automatically. Simple strengthening movements activate enhanced circulation, immunity and energy. Accurate anatomical orientation relaxes the nervous system out of inaccurate use, while deep breathing strengthens lung capacity and self awareness of subtle states of comfort and balance.  These essential elements of whole body health boost self confidence and motivation to maintain higher levels of enhanced strength and peacefulness. This open level class is a beneficial experience for everyone.