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Ashlee Lunsford, Bodywork

Additional Info:

Ashlee Lunsford, NCLMBT #14835, has been performing massage since graduating from the Medical Arts School in May 2015. Therapeutic touch has always been her calling. From the time she was a young child giving “karate chop massages” to her older siblings, to helping out her office co-workers when they had aches and pains, she has always followed her intuition when it comes to people in discomfort.

Ashlee knows that every body is different. What works for one person may not necessarily work for the next.  Therefore, she approaches each individual and their muscles with personalized care with emphasis on the client’s goals for that treatment session. Listening to each person’s words and watching visual cues, she tries to balance each visit with some relaxation but while achieving noticeable results in terms of tension and stress relief.

Ashlee’s Deep Tissue Approach: I like to employ the Trojan Horse technique. Give the muscle a sense of calm and peacefulness before getting behind its walls and breaking down it’s rigid barriers. Slow, steady and persistent will always win the race.

Services Provided by Ashlee: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Lymphatic.