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Aubrey Marett

Additional Info:

Aubrey Marett, NCLMBT #13087, received her massage license in 2012 from Miller-Motte College in Cary, North Carolina. Her goal as a therapist is to offer relief by assessing the clients needs and setting realistic goals to ensure progress and improvement over time. Growing up she was a fearless child and very active in sports which resulted in many hospital trips and months of recovery each time. It forced her to learn about her own body and its natural healing process, which insipired her to study anatomy and physiology further. In turn, you could say her passion became her profession. When’s she’s not working, she enjoys spending quality time with her family, step daughter and dog.
Aubrey’s Deep Tissue Approach:
 Aubrey’s approach to deep tissue work is to begin with listening to the specific needs of each client during her brief consultation before session. Each massage is customized to the client. She begins with a warm up of compressions and rocking to the body to “wake up” the muscles and increase circulation and blood flow. She steadily increases pressure as she senses where tension is being held in the muscle tissue. Open communication and feedback is integral to her work to ensure that the client comfort is maintained throughout the session. Deep work does not have to be painful and intense, and she believes each person’s tolerance and idea of deep pressure is different. I check in a few times during session, keeping a relaxed tone, adjusting anything to better suite the client. A postural assessment, assisted movement, stretching and lengthening techniques is added sometimes depending on the focus work to help increase range of motion. Because Aubrey typically works with acute and latent problematic medical issues referred directly by doctors & reflexology and trigger point which require you to hold points a certain amount of time to be effective, she much prefers longer sessions. 90 min, 120 min and 180 min sessions allow sufficient time to focus and create more balance in the body. Aubrey’s creates a focused plan for subsequent sessions in to help support lasting changes in the body.
Massage & Bodywork services provided by Aubrey: 
Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage (Trigger Point and Pre/Post event Sports Massage), Masters Level Medical Massage, Foot Reflexology, Couples Massage.