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Claudia Green

Additional Info:

Claudia Green’s, NCLMBT #13610, intention with massage is to embody presence and fulfill a client’s needs in order to best serve their highest potential for healing. I achieve this through listening , observing and consulting with each individual in order to determine which modality will best support them in the session. My process balances integrated therapeutic bodywork, intuitive creativity and knowledge of the human body and its systems.

I have studied different healing modalities for over twenty years. Through Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue MassageĀ  & Reflexology. I work with the body’s physical construction to soften and re-balance so comfort and balance can be regained. Through energy healing modalities, like Reiki, I utilize and act as a channel to realign energy systems as well as assist with stress reduction on the cellular level.

Much of the last twenty years, I have been in the education field working with three to nine year olds in Montessori environments around NC.
My objective was and still is to help create and maintain a supportive and nurturing environment for myself and families to grow into a peaceful familiarity with their surroundings. Massage and working with the body’s own ability to stay in homeostasis continues that focus for me.

It is from within our own capabilities we find inner peace and follow our signs of physical and energetic blocks in order to be happy and fulfilled in this life. I welcome the opportunity to work with each client in this realm and to offer support for release from unsettling patterns.

Claudia’s Deep Tissue Technique ::

I begin my deep tissue massages with lighter pressures to warm up the body and gradually move in deeper as the tissue softens the area I am working with. This allows me to become familiar with the structure of the individuals bones, muscle and myofascial tissue as well as gradually bringing more blood to the area I am working with. This allows for gradual relaxation of the tissue and a more comforting massage.

Services Provided by Claudia :: Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Integrative Foot Reflexology, Reiki, Reiki-ssage, Pre-Natal Massage.