DETOX Season : Sauna

Help support a healthy detox with Infrared Sauna Therapy. TEN Session Package : $199 (Reg. $239) Through 5/30.

Swedish & Deep Tissue Bonus!

90min Swedish Massage : $89 OR 90min Deep Tissue Massage : $99. Valid for appts TUES - THUR through 5/30.

Trouble Sleeping?

doTERRA Oil of the Month : Serenity - Diffuse at night, apply to the bottoms of feet or back of neck, add to a bath. Supports restful sleep. $15 off while supplies last.

Massage & Cupping & Acupuncture

Abdominal Massage Intensive includes all 3 modalities to support healthy organ functioning. 60min session : $74 (reg $84). Through 5/30.

Jason Cox : Acupuncture & Bodywork

Additional Info:

JASON COX, Acupuncture & Bodywork, NCLMBT# 16914, LAc 957

Jason received his Masters of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in 2014 from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago, IL and is currently working on his Doctorate degree in the same field. In addition, he is also a licensed massage therapist specializing in the Asian modalities of Tui Na and Shiatsu, and uses the combination of acupuncture, massage, and herbal medicine to achieve therapeutic results in the care of his patients. During his education, his internships included several semesters of specialization in Japanese Style Meridian Therapy and orthopedic acupuncture with a focus on musculoskeletal issues and pain relief.  He also spent a year following and learning from acupuncturist, herbalist, and mentor, Frank Scott, LAc., in his clinic in Evanston, IL where he focused on Chinese herbal formula recommendations and preparation.  He has studied and received certifications in the modalities of Neuromuscular Re-education, Kinesiotaping, and Cosmetic Acupuncture.

He has several years of experience working in an Integrative Medicine environment where he worked alongside, and in conjunction with, other practitioners such as chiropractors, nutritionists, and physical therapists.  In addition, Jason  has also been a faculty member at Pacific College Chicago teaching doctorate level classes in Tui Na and Herbalism and managed their Herbal Dispensary sourcing out bulk herbs, granular formulas, and patent medications. In his spare time, he is a contributing editor to the website giving recommendations and recipe ideas for patients from a TCM nutritional perspective.

His interest in complementary medicine began over 15 years ago when he began to look closely at health benefits he had attained through changes in diet, yoga, and qi gong practice. While doing volunteer work in South America, he observed and worked with nearby local villagers who maintained medicinal herb gardens and foraged from the surrounding countryside to prepare topical and internal medicines.

He is passionate about Asian Medicine and the role it can play in the scope of healthcare options.  He acts as an educator to inform the population of his medicine’s safety, viability, and benefits, and is an active advocate of legislation that will provide accessibility of Asian Medicine to a larger patient base.

In addition to his current passion for Asian medicine, Jason holds degrees in Fine Art (with an emphasis in painting and drawing) and philosophy. He enjoys creating artwork, writing, cooking, and conducting research on the many subjects that interest him. Jason looks forward to opportunities when he can travel, go on long hikes, camp, or spend time in the great outdoors. He is an avid home cook and a practitioner of yoga, qi gong, and tai chi.

Massage & Bodywork Services Provided by Jason : Acupuncture, Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Tui Na, Shiatsu, Sports Stretching, Cupping.