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Jess Taylor

Additional Info:

Jess Taylor, LMBT #16577, studied at Healing Mountain Massage school located Salt Lake City, UT in 2015. She stands by the belief that every body has the ability to heal itself. Her approach to massage and the healing arts aids clients in accessing this knowledge. Through her many tools, she aims to calm one’s nervous system and address areas of stagnation and disruption within her client’s body. Jess worked with an acupuncture clinic for the past five years and incorporates that experience into her bodywork sessions drawing on influences from Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. Jess is currently focused on developing her craniosacral therapy practice. While practicing deep listening; each session with Jess is always different, intuitive, and unique to the individual’s current needs.

Jess has felt called to the healing arts since a young age. Whether she found herself as a child sitting with the redwoods in California or creating Flower Essences from her backyard garden in Utah, Jess is always infusing the magic of nature and biorhythms into her life and practices. Jess finds beauty in the ordinary and it is this simple approach that she brings into her massage and bodywork sessions. She is honored to work with everyone who shows up on her table, no matter where they come from and what they may be in need of.

Jess’ Deep Tissue Approach ::  I understand that deep pain is very uncomfortable and disruptive to one’s daily life. I begin my deep tissue sessions by sitting with each of my clients and opening dialogue. When we start the table work, I feel it is crucial to warm up the surrounding tissue before diving into specific, deeper muscles and fascial layers. Then sustained pressure is applied to target areas for greater relief. I rely on practicing clear communication with my clients throughout the session, because every body has it’s own levels of sensitivity. I do not believe in the adage ‘no pain, no gain’ and find that sometimes deep pain needs a gentle approach. Each deep tissue session will include trigger point therapy, deep sustained pressure, and will also be individually tailored to your needs that day.

Massage & Bodywork Services Provided by Jess :: Swedish Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Deep Tissue Massage, Couples Massage, Reiki, Reiki-ssage, Craniosacral Therapy, Cranial-ssage.