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Joslyn Strickland, Bodywork

Additional Info:

Joslyn Strickland, NCLMBT #18220 graduated from Monterey Institute of Touch in Carmel, CA where she received a diverse training in various massage modalities.  In addition to Swedish massage, Joslyn learned foundational principles and techniques in Reflexology, Reiki, Thai, Polarity, Shiatsu, Geriatric, Cranio-Sacral and Sports massage. She also has a background in psychology and hospice work. While attaining her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, in Palo Alto, CA, Joslyn developed a deep appreciation for the mind, body, spirit connection, propelling her in the field of body work.  Joslyn brings this holistic approach to her sessions where each client is treated uniquely and with respect.  In her massages one can expect a variety of techniques, appropriate stretches, and an intuitive and compassionate presence.  Joslyn’s goal is to provide a healing space for her client’s to relax and let go of holding patterns, increase circulation, feel nurtured, and allow their nervous system to reset.

Deep Tissue Approach:  I practice patience and listen to feedback from the client’s body to guide me during a deep tissue massage.  Taking time to first warm up the tissues, I will gradually increase pressure as the client’s body softens and relaxes, taking note of any verbal and nonverbal cues to lead me along the way.  At times I may invite the client to deepen their breathing to further aid in the body and mind letting go.  I believe that pain does not have to be on board for massage to be effective or a muscle to be released.  I aim to stay within each client’s window of tolerance in order to deliver a massage that feels good and meets their individual needs.
Bodywork Services provided by Joslyn : Swedish, Deep Tissue, Mini Treatments.