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Lauren Tysinger, Bodywork

Additional Info:

Lauren Tysinger, LMBT #14715, graduated from Body Therapy Institute in 2014. Since then she has focused her massage practice on creating healthy relaxation patterns for her clients. She believes the body holds the ability to heal itself of most ailments and with the help of massage and other mindfulness and relaxation practices, she aims to teach her clients how to reset their system and manage their pain. She is trained in Lymphatic Drainage Massage and Ashiastu as well as Swesdish and Deep Tissue Massage and likes to pull from all these tools to offer client-tailored sessions.

Deep Tissue Approach: I am not in the business of “no pain/no gain.” I work first and foremost to get a client to a place of relaxation. After I have build that trust with their body, I work deeper to palpate the central issue that is causing discomfort and pain and slowly work to create a new, more effective pattern. I use long slow strokes so as not to shock the body with sudden intense pressure and only go as far as a body will let me. My motto for deep tissue is “working with” and that applies to a client’s physical, mental and emotional comfort.

Services Provided by Lauren : Swedish, Deep Tissue, Ashiatsu, Lymphatic Drainage.