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Luis Osorio, Bodywork

Additional Info:

Luis Osorio, NCLMBT #12825, has been a practitioner of therapeutic massage since 2013. His passion for health and wellness led him to attend Southeastern Institute in Charlotte NC. It was here that Luis gained a vast knowledge of  therapeutic techniques to relieve specific complaints of pain and dysfunction through manual manipulation of soft tissue. Luis uses his extensive knowledge of injury management, neuromuscular therapy, and sports stretching to provide each individual treatment to their specific needs.

Luis’s Deep Tissue Approach

Luis’s approach towards massage begins with a brief visual postural assessment, along with subjective information given, to provide a customized massage for each individual. He uses a combination of deep swedish/myofascial release techniques, along with neuromuscular therapy, and sports massage and stretching to treat and manage injury/pain. Luis believes that deep tissue work does not have to be abrasive to be beneficial and that you should not have to trade one pain for another to receive deep work. He uses customized pressure along with range of motion techniques to provide relief from pain and to increase range of motion.

Massage Modalities Provided by Luis: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports Stretching, Hot Stone Massage, Lymphatic Massage.