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Robert Lawrence, Acupuncture

Additional Info:

Robert Lawrence is a Licensed Acupuncturist in North Carolina with over 25 years’ experience helping individuals and families using alternative healthcare practices. He provides gentle, effective relief for a variety of medical issues, physical discomfort, and distress.

Robert began his study of Chinese Healing Arts and herbal medicine in 1986. While formally pursuing his interest in the healing effects of herbs, herbal formulas, nutrition and fitness, he became interested in the martial arts and energy healing. As a teacher of Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong, the health needs of his martial arts students motivated Robert to learn more about healing and the body. He studied therapeutic massage and received his Certificate in Massage and Hydrotherapies from the Florida School of Massage (FSM) in Gainesville in 1994. Following the completion of the FSM Teacher Training program in 1995, Robert began teaching massage. Robert has been an instructor and administrator of massage therapy programs at schools in Florida, Massachusetts, and North Carolina culminating in over 15 years of instruction.

As part of his process to deepen his understanding of natural healing, Robert enrolled in a three-year program to study Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine at Nan Jing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (NJUTCM). A 2100-hour program located in Nan Jing, China, NJUTCM is one of only four universities in China that has World Health Organization (WHO) accreditation for its foreign student programs. In 2000, Robert received his Certification in Acupuncture from Nan Jing University of TCM. While studying in China, Robert interned for five months at Nan Jing University’s affiliated hospitals with senior doctors and professors where he focused on treating patients in the respiratory, pediatric and general family medicine units.

In his Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine practice, Robert provides general healthcare to adults, youth and young children, with a focus on pain management, injury recovery, pediatrics, and women’s health. He has had great success in his clinical work treating cardiovascular conditions, respiratory problems, digestive diseases, and discomfort and disease resulting from systemic inflammation.

Robert brings the embodiment of holistic living to his practice of Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Massage, Nutrition, and Healing Energy Work. He does this by combining his knowledge of clinical skills and western scientific theory, anatomy, and Chinese healing systems with awareness and compassion, synthesizing his work into a process that is clinically focused and therapeutically effective. His sensitivity and perception guide him in his diagnosis and evaluation of patients resulting in treatments that provide deep healing on many levels.