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Camille DeSantis

Additional Info:

Camille DeSantis, NCLMBT #4519, received her massage therapy license in 2004 after graduating from The Body Therapy Institute in Siler City, NC. Her work as a massage therapist is informed by a kinesthetic understanding of the body through her training as a contemporary dancer. She listens to the needs of each client and customizes the session for each individual. Camille encourages clients to breathe more deeply and connect more fully to their physical body to let go of tension. She specializes in Prenatal Massage and Deep Tissue but also enjoys offering Fertility Massage and deep relaxation through Swedish Massage.

In addition to holding Prenatal Massage Certification, Camille is also trained to support mothers and their families through pregnancy and birth as a Doula (birth partner.) She received her training through DONA in 2006 and has been honored to assist many families as they welcomed a baby from womb to arms. Though Camille is not currently practicing as a doula, her training and experience as one still greatly informs her work with prenatal massage clients.
Camille completed Prenatal Yoga Teacher training at Blue Point Yoga in Durham, NC and enjoys teaching prenatal and partner classes for birth preparation. Her yoga training has helped to deepen her understanding of the body, it’s movement and the power of breath. She enjoys incorporating this knowledge in her massage sessions with passive stretching and self care recommendations.


Camille’s Deep Tissue Approach ::
In my deep tissue massage I use broad, sustained strokes while encouraging deep breaths into the tighter or more tender points to help facilitate softening of the muscle tissue. I also include medical massage which utilizes postural assessment to determine where there may be dysfunction in the muscles or active and passive stretching to encourage greater range and ease of motion. Each session is customized for the individual client. My belief is that deep work does not have to be painful and each person’s “deep” may be different. For this reason, I check in throughout the session about pressure and comfort, adjusting when necessary. My goal as a therapist is to offer relief from chronic tension, enhance my clients general sense of well-being and provide information for effective self care to help maintain comfort in their everyday experience.

Ashiatsu Approach :: Camille is excited to add Ashiatsu to her list of services offered. Ashiatsu, or Barefoot Massage, allows Camille to offer her clients greater depth of pressure while still maintaining a very relaxing massage experience. Her background in dance greatly informs her work as a barefoot massage therapist. It is this dance training that first taught her about articulation of the feet, balance and proper weight distribution. She now combines all that training and information with her Ashiatsu training to deliver a very fluid and effective massage. Camille’s Ashiatsu massage continues to deliver the broad sustained pressure her clients are used to receiving from her “regular” massage but with the enhanced ability to deliver more pressure and longer strokes.

“I look forward to meeting you and hope to be an asset on your personal journey to greater peace, health and wellness. I am honored to work with you.” — Camille


Massage & Bodywork Services Provided by Camille ::  Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Warm Stone Massage, Pre-Natal Massage, Fertility Massage, Ashiatsu.